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Where it all began... 

Barrel Bomb explores the fascinating relationship between two of North America’s greatest beverage traditions: Kentucky Bourbon and fine California wine. The synergies between fire, oak spice, sunlight, and terroir center Barrel Bomb’s work.  With the goal of creating beverages bolder and more flavorful than their individual components; this distinct collection of both bourbons and red wine exists to inform each other. 


Kentucky Bourbon from one of the state’s top distilleries (sorry, we have to keep exactly where a secret) is aged for three years in charred new American oak. To finish the spirit, we transfer into our very own Barrel Bomb Red Blend and Cabernet Sauvignon barrels to infuse our Bourbon with the complex nuances of fine California red wine. 


Conversely, our red wine is crafted from some of California's most notable wine regions and aged in new american oak barrels eventually destined to finish our Bourbon. Towards the end of the aging process, the wines are finished in the American Oak Bourbon Barrels we use for our spirits to gain flavor, complexity, and spice of our world-class Bourbon.


Wine and Bourbon are undeniably two flavor profiles that compliment.

A raw complexity and sophistication often unmatched in the individual beverages can be found in their synergy; this concept is the core of Barrel Bomb’s strength.


Barrel Bomb: Bold beverages for serious palates.


The man behind barrel bomb

trevor sheehan


Our proprietor and vintner Trevor Sheehan started his journey to create a top wine collection when he became a winemaker 10 years ago. His first wines were eight barrels of Chardonnay from the Beckstoffer Vineyard and Cabernet Sauvignon from Howell Mountain. Trevor carefully defined his own wine-making style over the years drawing inspiration from fellow winemakers such as Nils Venge and Henri Jayer.

After years of winemaking, Trevor embarked on a new journey to pursue one of his greatest passions - the creation of Barrel Bomb. However, with a desire to create a product that was new to the market, the decision was made to create both wine and bourbon that interacted with one another in the most unique way possible, and the idea of aging each product in the other's cask was born.

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